In accordance with the founding principles of Chung Yuan University, “Chung Yuan University was founded on the basis of Christ’s love for the world, with faith, hope, and love, and is dedicated to higher education in China, aiming at the pursuit of true knowledge and action, in order to spread the culture and serve humanity. The Founding Principles of the University

With the motto of “faith and action”, the university follows the philosophy of holistic education and cultivates national talents. In recent years, the university has adopted “whole-person education,” “life care,” and “service learning” as its development goals, emphasizing the balanced development of students’ professional, physical, and spiritual development. In addition, the College of Humanities and Education has set the following three educational goals as the direction of the College’s medium- and long-term development plan:

(1) Nurturing the whole person and cultivating good educational teachers
(2) To promote professional growth through sustainable management
(3) Pursue excellence and establish the academic rock

  1. Supporting the professional developing of elementary or secondary school teachers and administrators.
  2. Cultivating interdisciplinary educational professionals who have the macro-educational view and competence in addition to engaging them into teaching, studying, and becoming effective administrators.
  3. Actively studying educational research from a theory grounded on the basis of our own society, culture, tradition, and value with respect to international trends.
  4. Enhancing social service, dedication, and academic interchange in accordance with the social responsibility of university education.
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