Academic Highlights

To set professional core competency indicators as the basis for teachers to implement the concept of student learning orientation

We develop six competency indicators based on the core competencies required by our students, which correspond to the four balances of our whole-person education. Teachers design and develop multiple teaching methods based on the core competencies they want to develop in their students.

In all subjects, we integrate the goal of whole-person education into the curriculum, and cultivate students with the abilities required for the four balances of whole-person education, in order to cultivate professionals with whole-person development. The Institute also offers a general education course on “Holistic Education” to deepen students’ understanding of holistic education and to realize the goal of cultivating T-shaped talents.

The Institute makes use of resources from both inside and outside the university (such as the Ministry of Education’s Teaching Excellence Program and the Higher Education Advancement Program, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Teacher Training Center) to enrich modern teaching software and hardware facilities and to provide adequate and complete teaching facilities and research environment for all faculty and students.

The Institute has been recognized by the Taoyuan City Board of Education for its outstanding academic performance and has agreed that students who take the eight courses planned by the Institute in the “Business and Innovation Program” will be awarded points for further studies in the selection process for principal and director candidates in Taoyuan City Elementary and Junior High Schools, plus one point for each course completed (3 credits), up to a maximum of 8 points for principal selection and 5 points for director selection.

The Institute and the Teacher Training Center share the same number of faculty members and share various professional talents and educational resources, including curriculum and teaching, use of space, teaching and application of AI equipment, sharing of information and equipment, and conducting activities, making the overall operation more active and diversified.

“The Ph.D. program in Educational Management and Instructional Leadership is designed to provide a doctoral degree for school administrators in Northern Taiwan who have expertise in leadership and management.

The course outline is online and externally reviewed for quality assurance of course planning and design.

One month before the start of each semester, each teacher is required to upload the course outline online, listing the objectives, content, activities and assessment of the course.

Systematize teaching design to ensure quality of student learning

Each division of the program is organized into courses in educational foundations, educational methodology, professional education and educational research practices, and cross-divisional specialties.

Focus on teaching innovation and material diversification for effective teaching flipping

All faculty members actively participate in innovative teaching activities and practices, and use the learning platform to provide learning reference materials and related links to provide students with deeper and broader learning experiences, which provide students with rich and diverse learning resources

Diversify teaching methods and revitalize the teaching field

In order to integrate the objectives and goals of whole-person education, our faculty not only teaches through lectures, discussions, group work, and topic orientation, but also offers asynchronous distance learning courses and online teaching arrangements with eight off-campus sessions, providing graduate students with a variety of teaching and learning styles and cultivating their cooperative and communication skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

Integrating educational theory and practice to ensure the integration of student learning

In addition to the practical teaching education for the in-service master's degree program, our faculty members also offer courses related to research expertise at our Teacher Education Center, and can apply the results of their research to the teacher education program.

Online teaching evaluation and reflection for continuous improvement of teaching quality

In the "Teaching Evaluation Method", teaching evaluation is conducted for both full-time and part-time teachers every semester.

The Institute is the cradle for training senior executives in education

Most of the students who have graduated from this department have passed the selection process of the president and director after the training and study in the school. (Recent Admissions List)

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