Curricula & Credits


1. graduation credits: 30 credits (not including 6 credits of thesis)

2. Students with dual status as teacher educators and graduate students in the Graduate School of Education may take up to three courses per semester; second-year master’s students may take at least one course per semester.

3. To increase opportunities for diversity in the curriculum, students may take up to 9 credits of courses across groups, departments, and schools.

4. Students entering the master’s program from the 108th year onward are required to take at least 2 credits of graduate general studies courses before graduation.

5. 3 lectures, 3 thesis projects and 3 oral exams are to be completed before graduation

The Master of Education Program requires the completion of a minimum of 32 credits of study and to complete a master’s thesis. Graduate students must choose one of the following fields of study: educational administration, or science education. The curriculum encompasses 2 components: core courses and electives in all fields.


1.Specialized knowledge of educational academic and practice (workplace)

2. Lifelong learning and resilience of the education profession

3. Problem solving and innovation ability of educational academic and practice (workplace)

4. Integration and reflect thinking ability of education academic and practice(workplace)

5. Professional ethics and citizenship responsibility of educational community

6. Teamwork and communicative expression skills

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