The Graduate School of Education was established in the 1990 academic year and was accredited by the University in 1997, 2014 and 2020. In 2001, the Graduate School of Education began offering two tracks of study for university graduates: Educational Administration and Scientific Education. In 2003, the Graduate School of Education began offering an MA Program for working individuals and made it accessible to teachers and school administrative staff or anyone who is interested in educational issues and seeking professional growth in the field. In 2008, the Graduate School of Education was honored by the Taiwan Ministry of Education.

In addition to the general students, the Institute was allowed to establish a Master’s in-service program in the 2003nd academic year because of its excellent faculty and facilities, which provides on-the-job training and professional growth opportunities for school teachers at all levels and members of the public who are interested in educational issues. In response to the changes in the educational environment and the needs of the community, the Institute adjusted the program groups to “Learning and Teaching” and “Counseling and Consulting” in the 2017th year.

In addition, students who have completed the “Business and Innovation Program” are eligible to receive points for further study in the selection of principal and director of Taoyuan National High School.
Our faculty members are highly qualified and specialized in research, and their research fields are leading the development of current education. In addition to their respective fields of study, the faculty also support and collaborate with each other to promote cross-disciplinary research, offer cross-disciplinary programs, and facilitate international academic exchanges in order to cultivate teachers who are professional in their teaching, specialized in their scholarship, and patient in their care. The Institute provides in-service training opportunities for teachers and administrators of all kinds, and nurtures human resources with character, professionalism, creativity, and a global perspective through a whole-person education program to enhance the future competitiveness of the country.

Cultivate excellent teachers with holistic thought.
Sustained operation and promote teachers/ professional development.
Pursuit excellence and establish academic foundation.

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