The Graduate Institute of Education at Chung Yuan Christian University was founded during the 90th academic year and has subsequently passed rigorous university department evaluations in the 97th, 103rd, and 109th years, demonstrating its longstanding commitment to excellence in the field of educational research. Upholding a mission to “”pursue genuine knowledge and serve society,”” the institute is dedicated to producing well-educated, passionate educators who have consistently applied Chung Yuan’s pedagogical principles throughout various educational contexts in Taiwan.

Initially comprising Educational Administration, Science Education, and Special Education divisions, the institute expanded to include a Master’s In-Service Program during the 92nd academic year, enhancing professional development for current educators and individuals interested in educational issues. To align with evolving educational and societal needs, it revised its academic structure in the 106th academic year, establishing the Learning and Teaching and the Counseling and Guidance groups. From the 112th academic year, a consolidated structure was implemented to facilitate interdisciplinary study among students from diverse academic pursuits, including learning, leadership, administration, technology, information, science education, and counseling.

Participants who complete the institute’s Management and Innovation Program are awarded additional points during the selection process for leadership positions in Taoyuan City’s junior high schools, underscoring the institute’s role in fostering educational leadership.

The institute’s distinguished faculty and specialized research prowess are pivotal in its operations. By actively engaging in interdisciplinary scholarship, developing cross-disciplinary courses, and nurturing international scholarly exchange, the institute aims to cultivate professionals equipped with expertise in teaching, scholarly research, compassion, and patience. This endeavor is integral to our mission of providing continuous professional development for educators and administrators, thereby nurturing holistic individuals with integrity, expertise, innovation, and a global outlook, contributing significantly to the nation’s competitive edge in the future.

We cordially extend an invitation for you to become part of our esteemed institution and contribute to the progressive trajectory of education.

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